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  • Enter the Cahoot (Patreon) at least at 10$ tear. Your name and link will be there FOREVER, even if you stop donating.
  • Once you're in, you'll be contacted directly on patreon (if you doesn't receive a message in a day, feel free to send one), for having your name, a short paragraph, the link (can be a link to your Instagram, ArtStation, website or others), the image (can be a logo/render/draw/photo and more) and if you want, a call to action on the button (if not specified, will be just "Support it!"). They will be put in the textur/3d model that have more traffic at the moment. If you desire to have your sponsor in a specific asset, just tell wich in the moment you're sending all the info.
  • The image should be 550px width and 250px height, and be as lightweight as possible, ideally less than 500kb. Otherwise the image will be compressed.
  • If you want more info about the traffic of the website, just get in contact.

CG Prospect reserves the right to:

  • Refuse to put the sponsor, or completely remove it once putted (if the sponsored content has changed), if the content is promoting in any sort of way: violence, racism or hate speech.

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