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Free 3d models for games


The lowpoly 3d models are available of every 3d model that you can find on CG Prospect. The 3D models are shipped with normal map, granting you the maximum amount of detail, without compromising the performance of your game. You can download 3d models and put them on game engines like Unreal engine, unity and so on, even for your commercial games totally for free.

Free 3d models for blender


All the highpoly 3d models of CG Prospect are perfect for ensuring the maximum amount of details for your realistic renders or movies! They can be used for Blender, Maya Cinema 4d and other 3d softwares.

Free 3d models for 3d printing


All the 3d models from CG prospect can be printed. For having optimal results, download the mid-poly version. You will be able to download the stl 3d models soon, but in the meamwhile, you can convert the obj files easily using Blender or any other 3d software.


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