Free 3d models and free textures
Up to 8k!

Up to 8K, seamless pbr textures and low-poly/high-poly 3d models totally free to download. Use them in your renders, movies or games without any worries. No limits, no paywall, donate if you like to.

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All the assets that you need!

The textures and 3d models from CG Prospect can be used in every 3d software like Blender, Autodesk Maya, Maxon Cinema 4D, Houdini or with game engines like Unity or Unreal Engine without any worries.

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Sustained by you.

CG Prospect provides free textures and free 3d models thanks to the Patreons Cahoot, by donations on the download, and by advertising on the website.

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CCO License

You can put CG Prospect's assets in your commercial projects like renders or even movies/games totally for free. An attribution will be appreciated, but is not required. For more info, see the branding page.

New Textures and 3D Models Every Friday!

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Joining the Patreon community, you wll get all the assets before they are uploaded on CG Prospect. Altrough, the quality and the resolution is exactly the same. There are exclusive contents, like unique textures, 3d models, tutorials, and more.

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8K Resolution of REALISM

Browse between the most photorealistic free pbr texures of wood, rock or terrain that you can find.

Enhance your renders
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+60 Millions of polygons

Photogrammetry is one of the best workflow in order to create high quality pbr textures. It can ensure sharp displacement and normal maps, especially with rocks, terrains, wood and other complex shapes. CG Prospect's textures are baked with extremely high poly 3d models, granting production ready pbr textures, that can fits any kind of 3d softeare, like Blender or Unreal Engine.

Photogrammetry textures

Raw photos with low ISO

Ai to Material is a technique that can mimic the photogrammetry results. Using a full frame camera during the capturing process, CG Prospect is able to use a single photograph in order to provide photorealistic pbr textures.

Ai to Material textures
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3D Models like they were real

Photogrammetry based 3d models, get the best for your renders. CG Prospect is the answer to: Where i can find free to download 3D models?

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Using the photogrammetry, the 3d models from CG Prospect are made in a photographic studio environmet, using professional lights and equipment, granting production ready 3d assets. You can find 3d models of food, rocks, furnitures and more, in both low poly and high poly, so you can put them for free in your renders or games!

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3d model example
3d model example

Optimized mesh

All the 3d models from CG Prospect are shipped with good topology, without nasty polygons, flipped normals, or ngons. The 3d models are already uv-unwrapped and fully textured with displacement, normal, height, ambient occlusion and diffuse maps.

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CC0 Textures and 3d models

Thinking where to download free textures? This is the places! Free textures from CG Prospect are also under the CC0 license. Basically means that you can use this textures in your commercial 3d models, renders, games, movies and so onWhen using for commercial purposes, attributing CG Prospect is not a must, but it will be highly appreciated! If you want to use the brandings of CG Prospect see the branding page.

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Ivan Smiths here.

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I've built CG Prospect on my own, from the creation of the assets, to the coding of the web site. 3D artist specialized in Photogrammetry and web developer, i've built this project for putting myself in game, and for sharing my stuff and knowledge with other passionated people.

Translated in english by: Me!


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